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My name is Michael, and I am a film maker. Film Making combines my passion of photography and my love of sound. I have been interested in making films at such at a early age, and found that it was the best way for me to tell stories. I tried animation but I couldn't draw and writing novels was my sisters department, so making movies was my calling. 

When I write a script, I try to come up with Original stories that combine elements of darkness with elements of comedy. When I'm not making movies, I'm either listening to metal, or watching anime. I love the darkness and anger of metal, but the cuteness and humor of cartoons also pulls me in. So that's where I pull most of my inspiration from. 

I have experience writing scripts, filming, directing and editing. But I am always learning, as life is a class that never ends. 

So welcome to Metal Moon Sanctuary, a website that is my films. Check out the blog for news, watch some films and most importantly, if you like what you see, become a member to help support the Metal Moon.  

Cue Metal Music, camera, And ACTION

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